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On October 7Th, 2023
On October 7Th, 2023
On October 7Th, 2023
On October 7Th, 2023
On October 7Th, 2023
October 7Th, 2023

On October 7Th, 2023 at approximately 6:30 AM thousands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists launched a surprise attack on Israel.
They slaughtered over 1400 men, women and children of all ages - soldeirs and civilians.
They also injured over 3500 innocent people, kidnapped over 220 more and burned and destroyed hundreds of homes and vehicles.
That was the worst terror attack in Jewish history since the Holocaust.

Thousands of Israelis now mourn the deaths of their loved ones.

Thousands of Israelis had to leave their homes and are now refugees in their own country.

And that is why we are here!

We are here to help and support these people and make sure they return to normal life as soon as possible.

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About This Project

The seventh of October, 2023 will forever be remembered in the pages of history as one of the saddest days for all of humanity, the State of Israel and the entire Jewish community. These days we discover more of the violent horrors that took place and an entire nation remains broken, with thousands of murdered and hundreds of kidnapped and missing people.
It is our duty to help these people who have been hit so hard to get back to normal and relive their lives.
The ALL FOR ISRAEL project is here to help them.

The All for Israel organization was established about two weeks after the Black Sabbath massacre on October 7, 2023. The organization is in the process of registering as a Non Profit Organization (N.P.O.).

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Our Team

Our team includes people who have years of experience in various types of social activities.

Individual Approach

Anyone who contacts us will be treated with confidentiality and respect.

Full transparency

We comply with all regulations and with full transparency to give the best results.

Our Team At Work

What do they need from you?

On November 7Th when the Hamas errorists bruttaly attacked the peolpe of Israel many lost their lives and many others lost their homes and all their belonging.

We ask for your help in order to help them. With your donation, we will provide the following support:


The people need all kinds f foods - from a daily meal to a Shabbat Chala.

We collect the requests and with your donations buy exactly what is needed.


The people need clothing of all kinds - Man's, Woman's, Children's.

We collect the requests and with your donations buy exactly what is needed.


The people need all kinds of things for the house - Pots & Pans, Tableware, Furniture, Plants and everything else for a home.

We collect the requests and with your donations buy exactly what is needed.

Needed Now

We list here reqests by people for specific items. Please help us buy them.

Families Evacuated

Urgently need mattresses - double and single.

Families Evacuated

We collect the requests and with your donations buy exactly what is needed.


We want to continue donating to our heroic soldiers who give their lives for the people of Israel so that we can live here in peace.
The least we can do is contribute as much as we can, In order to be able to provide them with the equipment and food at the highest level, it gives a lot of spirit and a lot of strength to know that the entire nation of Israel is behind them.
"I will hunt down my enemies and I will overtake them and I will not return until they are gone"


Soldiers vests

For the soldiers


We need your help!!! So much equipment is missing for the reserve soldiers - current - daily needs and equipment for preparation for winter - for cold and rain.


There is a request for towels for the soldiers. New in all sizes.

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Urgent! Valunteers needed to help the farmers of Israel.
Come and help them!

For more details contact us now - Whatsapp

Our Team

Yoni Shaked Manager

He has more than 10 years of experience professional fundraising and assisting.

Simon Perkins Team Member

Simon is our Data man.

Manuel Ruiz Team Member

Manuel is our great warehouse and shipping manager.

Shlomit Shaked Legal Advisor

Shlomit is not only our legal advisor, but also a great lewyer in Israel.

More Team Members

Thanks to all the donors

We would like to personally thank all the good people who contribute to our project.
It is not a matter of course that people will donate their money for others and therefore we greatly appreciate your contribution.
For our part, we will make every effort to ensure that your donation is used in the best way and reaches a destination that really needs it.

An important Notice
Now you can also donate through FundMe's "Israel Donates" - Israel's leading crowdfunding platform.
You can use all credit brands, Apple Pay, Bit, PayPal, and bank transfer.
You can also donate both cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and Atrium) and anonymously, thanks to our new partners at @SilentDonor, the largest anonymous donation platform in the United States.
This ensures that donors around the world have the opportunity to contribute privately, without attracting unwanted attention.

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